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Steven Rosenbaum Offers 5 Tips for Great Content Curation
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Easy Ways to Stretch Your Content Marketing Investment

TopRank Marketing Blog

As marketers, we always have to be thinking about how to get more mileage out of limited resources, and repurposing content is a great way to do that. In fact, based upon a recent study of 1,030 marketers, only 21% of marketers have a specific process in place to ensure optimal content reuse and repurpose. 

Joshua Nite of TopRank Marketing offers five suggestions to "turn undervalued content into content marketing gold". I'm especially intrigued by his third suggestion: 

#3 – Combine Thin or Repetitive Content

... take your thin content (related 300 word posts) and combine it, Voltron-style, into one strong Power Page.

Here at Curata we use the Content Marketing Pyramid framework to help us be more process-oriented about content reuse. We'll create one big piece of content at the top of the pyramid and then atomize it into smaller, more digestible pieces of content as we move deeper into a content pyramid (e.g., infographics, long form blog posts, SlideShares, social media content).

Check out Joshua's full blog post at the link below to see his other tips for repurposing your content.

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