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Overcoming The Three Biggest Writing Challenges


For content marketers, sometimes sitting down to write content can be a major stumbling block. Brian Clark asked his colleagues at Copyblogger about theirs, and found the three biggest writing challenges are often: 1) how to get started, 2) how to cut the fluff, and 3) how to finish.

These three issues are really symptoms of the same painful problem, which boils down to not clearly understanding what you’re trying to accomplish with your writing. 

Clark has developed a five-step process that helps clarify your objectives, which helps clarify your writing. It also also helps you begin—and finish—any writing project, because you know what you’re after and how to make it happen.

Of course, having an overarching strategy that informs exactly why you're writing any given piece of content helps, as The Content Marketing Pyramid makes clear. This way you know what you're trying to achieve with any piece of content long before you sit down to write it.

But for help on a more granular level, click on the link below to read the five step process for overcoming writing chokepoints Clark wrote, using the process itself as a demonstration.

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