1. Tips for Capturing Audience Attention with Video

    Tips for Capturing Audience Attention with Video

    As we race into the future, video makes up a larger chunk of the online environment. By 2020, it’s estimated that 82 percent of all web traffic will be video. Given this increase, creating standout video is a real challenge. Use the following tips to improve the ability for your video to capture the attention of your audience. 


    The purpose of a web page is to communicate information to your audience; let video be your vehicle for doing so. Ensure you’re positioning the video as the primary eye-catching element. Videos are more engaging than text by nature. If you provide something stimulating, the viewer is only tasked with not leaving the viewing experience. With text-based content, you’re asking the reader to process the words, make connections, and more. Videos help your audience learn without requiring as much focus.

    With video, your audience receives more information in less time. For this reason, when video is placed in an easy-to-access location on your site, it improves engagement as well as conversion rates. Viewers convert better from a landing page with a video than a landing page with a bulky blog post. Positioning your video as the primary content for its respective page is a game changer. 

    Supporting Imagery

    Thumbnails are to video as headlines are to blog posts. They’re the first impression your audience has of your video content. Proper use of images to support content is vital to most content creation. Here are a few best-practices when using images to support video:

    • Build comfort and trust with a happy and/or recognizable face

    • Avoid spooking your audience with low-res images

    • Create positive emotional expectations by leveraging the right colors

     Create a Conversation

    Questions help create conversation. For a video, position a question at the video’s start will spark viewer response. Jefri Yonata of Bread N’ Beyond explains why this works:

    “The “ask a question” title format in a video often leads to viewers wondering what the answer to that question is, and it can lead them to at least checking to see if the answer is similar to what they had in mind.” 

    A question can help your audience gain interest and increase viewership.

    Check out Yonata’s detailed advice in his original article below.

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