1. Content Marketing: A Must for Emerging Brands

    Content Marketing: A Must for Emerging Brands

    If you’re looking to establish your new business, you don’t just find the biggest business in your space and punch them in the mouth. You need brand recognition. One of the best ways to build brand recognition is content marketing. Here are three reasons why content is the perfect initiative for an emerging business.


    To today’s audience, a business with desolate content channels looks dead or dying. This is why it's important to keep your online presence alive with original and third-party content. Offering free, actionable content to your audience shows you’re invested in the problems they face, proactive, and responsive. It builds goodwill equity and establishes you as a reliable thought leader.

    Traffic and More

    Content is the bait that lures people into your marketing and sales funnel. Without it, you’re left with temporary promotional methods that involve recurring costs. Amanda Clark of Grammar Chic frames it this way:

    “Content marketing is the gateway. It’s what gets people through the door. But once they’re in, you can use compelling calls to action to point them to your website, where you can lead them down the sales funnel. As a subset of that, you can always use content marketing to grow your contact list…”

    Clarifying Your Value Proposition

    Content should help your audience solve their problems. Writing about the challenges they face helps place your business as a solution for these problems. Given consistent content, when a consumer is finally ready to buy, they’re already aware of you, they know you have a solid understanding of their problem, and they trust you. Content marketing makes you the logical (and emotional) choice.

    Check out Clark’s original piece on why content marketing is a must for new companies.

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