1. How to Create a Successful Content Marketing Team

    How to Create a Successful Content Marketing Team

    Many content marketers have not yet developed a clear formula for structuring their departments, or for hiring the right content marketer.

    According to Curata research, as many as 43 percent of companies are hiring more employees specifically to produce content. There were more than 19,000 content marketing jobs posted on LinkedIn’s platform in fall 2016.

    HubSpot contributor Sophia Bernazzani researched how four marketing technology companies structure their content teams. She discovered that:

    It’s always valuable to look at how other organizations within your industry get things done every day. And It’s particularly valuable to look at how an organization you admire, or aspire to emulate, has nailed what they do.

    Though all companies had a slightly different structure, there are some key similarities. 

    Cost effectiveness should inform your content marketing team's structure. For smaller companies who want a variety of content, this might mean using freelancers. For larger companies, full-time hires are probably the smarter option.

    Another useful strategy for your organization: wait for a channel or strategy to prove it's creating valuable ROI before hiring a full-time employee to manage it.

    In the same vein, take care to uncover the hidden abilities on your content team. From SEO to video creation, many, if not most content marketers have talents far beyond writing.

    Structure and responsibilities are important to your content marketing team's formation. But who you hire as a content marketer is even more impactful. 

    For more examples from B2B companies on how to form your content marketing team, check out Bernazzani's complete article below.

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