1. Improve Your Promotion To All Three Audience Segments

    Improve Your Promotion To All Three Audience Segments

    Marketers understand that creating and publishing content is not enough—even if the content is spectacular. The diminishing returns of organic reach require us to find clever alternatives to extend the reach of our content. To give your content the exposure it deserves, these tips will help optimize for all three basic media audiences.

    Owned Audiences

    This segment has already approved you to deliver them content. This opens up several opportunities to maximize promotion. Sending out a ‘new blog’ alert to subscribers is low-hanging fruit for driving blog views and serves as a friendly nudge for readers that may not have your content top-of-mind.

    Paid Audiences

    Best practice dictates addressing your paid efforts after completing your owned-audience efforts. Paid social and PPC ads require well-controlled testing for success. One powerful yet simple tip: bid low. Advertising platforms typically advise to run with their auto-bidding. Start your bids at a rate well below the recommended rate and then test up until you see satisfactory results.

    Earned Audiences

    Earned media has many benefits. Your brand gets fresh exposure to audiences who may not be familiar with you. Earned audiences also help boost your search ranking through backlinks to your owned content. Shannen Laur of PR 20/20 advises the following approach:

    “Pitch relevant media about featuring the assets. Or, offer to submit a guest post to take the effort off their plate, while including CTAs to the content’s landing page.”

    There’s plenty more to learn about maximizing results across these audiences. Check out Laur’s original post below for more on the subject.

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