1. 11 Common Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

    11 Common Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

    Despite the industry rapidly maturing, there's still no shortage of bad content marketing out there. We're only human, and as a professional discipline, content marketing is still relatively young. But the way to get better is to learn from your mistakes.

    Learning from other people's mistakes is the even smarter way to get better. Joshua Nite at Top Rank Marketing has helpfully compiled a zinger-worthy collection of common clangers, entertainingly explained with memes. They include:

    1. The Random Act of Content

    2. The Lightweight

    3. The Island
    4. The Enstuffening
    5. The Sloppy Joe
    6. The Great Wall of Text
    7. The Eye Exam
    8. The Post and Pray
    9. The Authority Gap
    10. The One and Done
    11. The Maze of Gates

    Some of the mistakes Nite identifies will be obvious to any experienced practitioner, others of them not so much. But the single most helpful way to avoid the majority of them is to take the time to invest in a documented content marketing strategy such as the Content Marketing Pyramid. Doing so helps you pre-empt many potential blunders before they arise, and react quickly and flexibly if something is going wrong. 

    For the full list of Nite's amusing memes (and their helpful explanations), click on the link below.

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