1. Successfully Launch and Promote Gated Content With These 6 Steps

    Successfully Launch and Promote Gated Content With These 6 Steps

    It's an all-too common scenario: you've just finished creating an incredible piece of in-depth original content. You want to let the world devour what you have to offer, but you're not just going to give it away! You make it gated content so you can capture lead information and track how leads convert.

    Only for some reason you're not seeing the number of downloads and shares you expected; in fact they're much lower. What went wrong? It may be related to the fact that promotion is one of the top six challenges content marketers face. So how to rectify this?

    Liz Bedor examines the necessary steps for launching and promoting gated content in "6-Step Checklist to Launch and Promote Gated Content." Bedor proposes the following elements to consider:

    1. SEO-Optimized Landing Page
    2. Email Announcement
    3. Download Email Confirmation

    ... amongst others. Liz gives a great overview of each step and why they're important to ensuring a healthy number of downloads and shares. It's possible to build out an entire content strategy from a single gated asset if you use Curata's Content Marketing Pyramid eBook. Start by reading the rest of Liz's full post via the link below.

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