1. Top 4 Tools in a Content Marketer's Toolkit

    Top 4 Tools in a Content Marketer's Toolkit

    Building the right content strategy requires the right tools for the job. The first tool any content marketer should start with is The Content Marketing Pyramid: a documented way to implement highly effective content strategy. You then need tools to create the right content at the right stage for buyers to hear your message—when otherwise they'd ignore it.

    The key is to align your messaging to your target audience's respective buyer’s journey. To help plan and produce the right pieces, Meghan Brockmeyer at LinkedIn identifies three other major tools for streamlining efforts and planning for success.  

    1. An Editorial Calendar is a centralized way to keep project stakeholders in alignment over which content should be produced when, and helps unify efforts across departments for streamlined, non-repetitive content messaging.
    2. Marketing Automation helps you meticulously execute the content marketing plans in your editorial calendar. 
    3. SEO ensures your high quality content is found by the right people. Google has cracked down on sub-par content filled only with keywords and buzzwords to ensure quality content gets more eyeballs.

    "All the planning and execution in the world can’t make non-relevant content a success," Brockmeyer points out, and content marketers must balance "the need for the right key words with the need for well-written content that doesn’t sound forced or jargon-y."

    Curata's software platform ensures a scalable, predictable content supply chain, she notes, and expands on other specific sites, software platforms, and assets in each of the three areas mentioned in the full article below. 


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