1. Overcoming Content Industry Staffing Challenges

    Overcoming Content Industry Staffing Challenges

    We live in a world of chronically understaffed content teams, where highly skilled co-workers bolt for bigger bucks elsewhere, undercooked rookies quickly rise to their level of incompetence, and marketing technology changes faster than the weather in New England.

    According to the Content Marketing Institute’s (CMI) 2016 B2B Content Marketing report, 25% of North American B2B marketers reported gaps in knowledge and skills of their internal team as one of their top five challenges, while 21% said finding or training skilled content marketing professionals and/or content creators was one of their top five challenges. 

    Erik Martin at The Content Wrangler notes much of this boils down to attracting and keeping top talent in any nascent field is harder than in more established fields. Content marketing has suffered the worst shortage, since marketing is the most recent to adopt content strategy principles.

    Consider a tech company creating a content marketing group and trying to fill a new position. Absent qualified applicants, the company settles for a marketer well versed in traditional methods but ignorant of content marketing. This new hire doesn’t understand the need to build an audience through targeted, entertaining, insightful content, and instead pumps out boring, product-focused content. They don't know how to set up an efficient, repeatable process, don't know how to formulate an effective social distribution plan, or understand analytics to know what is and isn’t working.

    For a thorough guide to understanding analytics, read The Comprehensive Guide to Content Marketing & Analytics. For tips on attracting and retaining higher-skilled and talented content creators, marketers and strategists, click on Erik's full article below.

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