1. Moving Beyond Social to an "Omni-Social" Community

    Moving Beyond Social to an "Omni-Social" Community

    Social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and the rest have aggregated digital consumer attention to such an unprecedented degree they've forced companies to take an “if you can’t beat em, join em” approach to online community. 

    Given we spend more than 25% of our time online on social media, it's crucial to know how to effectively promote content on social media

    With the substantial decline in “free” organic reach in favor of pay-to-play however, social communities are now much more expensive and less efficient. But given the audiences, companies can't exactly turn their backs on these platforms.

    Jay Baer advises adopting an "Omni-Social" strategy that changes the fundamental role of leased social communities. A sound Omni-Social strategy includes these elements:

    1. A commitment to moving beyond the hegemony of rented social community
    2. Admitting that rented social communities offer user experience functionality customers crave
    3. Adding some of that functionality (or a reasonable facsimile) to a website or community your brand owns or controls
    4. Selecting and maintaining a relationship between your rented community (on Facebook, for example) and your owned assets (such as robust community functionality on your website)
    5. Communicating the relationship between your rented and owned community functions to all consumers, to avoid confusion and duplication of purpose
    6. Giving community members at least partial control of the narrative and dialog inside the owned community. Enable the community to be “theirs” in a way the Facebook page never could be.

    Baer describes a framework outlining four ways Omni-Social can work in the link below.

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