1. Small clicks add up to Big Value with Social Curation

    Small clicks add up to Big Value with Social Curation

    Steve Colquhoun of the Sydney Morning Herald predicts that social curation will be a must have for any eCommerce or B2C marketer.  VP from Lyst.com, Hilary Peterson says:

    What I see happening is this rise of a new creative class where people are as creative, or sometimes even more creative, than brands,' she says. There will be less marketers, and more facilitators to create interesting, engaging content. A lot of it is far more interesting than what we can come up with on our own.

    Basically everytime a user likes, or pins content, they are only adding a single data point, but cumulatively and collectively these users can surface up content that is the most interesting.  And rather than using this for news content like on sites like reddit and digg, the new wave is to apply this to ecommerce.

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